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MapleLeaks has been on the drawing board since 2006 when Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) won the General Election. Why did we wait until now to launch MapleLeaks? In 2006, the CPC won only a slight minority government. There were still checks and balances to ensure democracy. Checks and balances in the form of an opposition and Senate. This continued through to the next election in 2008 when the CPC was re-elected (again) as a minority government. The checks and balances ensuring Canadian democracy were still in place.

Stephen Harper Over this period of time, Stephen Harper has been appointing loyalist conservative Senators to the Senate – in addition to the Canadian Federal bureaucracy and judicial branches. No other Prime Minister (PM) in Canadian history in the past nearly 150 years has come close to match Harper’s Senate appointments. Harper has seized absolute control of the Canadian Senate and bureaucracy. It is (in its scope) without precedence – in Canadian history, or the history of other western democracies.

But, other Canadian Prime Ministers have done similar, you ask. Similar, yes. But, never to this extent. Further, Stephen Harper has been described by many (mainstream media outlets, experts, government watchdogs) as a micro-manager. Nothing escapes his notice, and he absolutely controls anyone and everyone in his dominion – and expects the same from those who are not. This includes all CPC Members of Parliament (MP), all conservative Senators, all bureaucrats, and all of the judicial. Harper demands absolute devotion, obedience, and dedication: to follow his every demand and whim without question and hesitation. You see this in every vote in Parliament or in the Senate in the past five years. Every conservative MP and Senator has virtually always voted in accordance to how Harper dictates. Harper will not tolerate disobedience. This is unheard of in Canadian politics and in any other democracy. Zero dissent on every vote speaks to Harper’s dictatorial leadership. Even the conservative leaning, retired Canadian jurist (Quebec Superior Court), John Gomery, (who investigated the Liberal Government) was shocked by Harper and the threat he posed to Canadian democracy under his watch as PM.

A perfect storm occurred on May 2nd, 2011. A General Election awarded Harper with a majority government when the CPC garnered 39% of the popular vote. Harper now has absolute control of Parliament. Harper’s first task was to appoint four conservative Senators to the Senate. Harper now has absolute control of the Senate. Each are sworn to obey him. Later this year, four Canadian Federal Supreme Court Justices will be retiring from the bench. Harper will be personally appointing their conservative replacements. By this action, Harper should have absolute control of the Federal Supreme Court – not to mention lower Federal courts as Harper has also been quietly been appointing conservative justices.

It is for this reason, we launched MapleLeaks – to oversee democracy in Canada, as Harper quickly and ruthlessly dismantles democracy in Canada.

We urge you to bookmark this site! There is much to come as we expose the Government of Harper, and its leader, Stephen Harper.

MapleLeaks is not authorized by any candidate or political party.

MapleLeaks is a non-registered non-profit organization which primarily focuses on education and advocacy regarding important Canadian political issues with the primary role to monitor Canadian democracy.